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Consulting Services

Create Ideal Corporate Culture/Navigate Office Dynamics/Develop Management Skills

Balance Work, Life, Family/Break Through Barriers/Enhance Leadership Qualities

Giving & Receiving Feedback/Team Building/Resume & Interview Skills

Happy employees make for productive employees. If you want to see your business grow and your employees thrive, consider contracting Be Well clinicians to provide your employees with on-site counseling and/or business consulting services. The core of these consulting services lies in the purpose of restoring and sustaining wholeness and well-being in the lives of your employees. This mission is achieved by creating and implementing effective, proactive health solutions designed to inspire, heal, and empower individuals to achieve maximum potential. 

Rates vary per contract. Contact us to discuss your business consulting/counseling needs. 

Executive Coaching & Leadership Coaching

Career Coaching & Consultations

Business Coaching

Conflict Resolution

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